Bridging Worlds

Living Between World & On The Edge of Time

is about

Living between worlds

Dangling on the edge of time

Finding beauty in the moment

Making sense of memories

Weaving stories out of life

My blog deals with my never ending search for beauty. It showcases the everyday moments that touch my heart. It chronicles the memories that time has created and the stories that have unfolded and have yet to  be revealed  along the path of my life. This is a place for me to connect with other like-minded individuals, a vehicle to enable me to touch people’s hearts near and far by sharing my unique journey through my moments, memories and stories.

MOMENTS are like colorful soap bubbles. They float into our lives distract and enchant us for a day, an hour, a minute or less. They can pass having touched us only briefly or forever change the course of our lives.

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MEMORIES are the bits and pieces of my past which I remember through the filters of my emotions. They are the puzzle pieces which have been intertwined into the fabric of my life. I reveal them here to you, one after the other, in no particular order, simply as they fall in place.


STORIES are like stained glass window pains, only by shining light on them is their beauty revealed. A story unread remains as meaningless as a stained glass artwork wrapped in darkness. I share my stories with you as I weave them, posting excerpts here and there as they are revealed to me in my minds eye.


Want to get to know me better?

You can read about me here and here and have a look at my latest post here.


I would be delighted if you took the time to leave me a personal message. I read and answer all comments and emails myself. I love meeting and connecting with people, especially over a cup of coffee, high tea,an aperitif, or a glass of wine (especially sparkling).  If you would like to join me on my unique journey, you can follow me on Facebook, linkedin, Instagram, Xing.

Wishing you a memorable day filled with grace, beauty and serendipity.

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Yolanda Reischer-Bohanec

All pictures on Living Between Worlds & on The Edge of Time. have been taken by Yolanda Reischer Bohanec, unless stated otherwise and are protected by copyright. Always link back to this website or request permission when using images from Yolanda Reischer Bohanec.

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