Lilacs in the Rain

If I would have to choose just one word to describe early spring it would be LILACS. Lilacs arrive late April to early May in Vienna and in profusion. They are everywhere, literally everywhere. You find overgrown massive bushes with single and double blossoms along the Danube River as well as in the gardens of Schönbrunn and the Belvedere. Dark purple lilacs scent the air in large and small public parks in Vienna’s city centre. An explosion of white, purple and lilac line the sides of Vienna’s underground railway system. They grow wild on the Danube Island, in silent graveyards and sway in the wind along the highway. White lilacs spill over from my neighbour’s fences.


Lilac lilacs grow in our local park and deep purple lilacs reach up towards our bedroom balcony in our front yard scenting the air and begging me to bring them into our home. What else can I do but give in. I do and so a bouquet of lilacs in a variety of shades from our local park sits in a crystal vase on my desk tantalizing my senses while I write.


The other night, I received a most beautiful gift. Two storms hit Vienna’s 13th district one in the early evening and another later that night. Within seconds the streets were reduced to small rivers and the air was charged. I love the scent of the rain just as much as I love the scent of Lilacs. I would be hard pressed to choose one over the other. That night, the two merged into an exquisite perfume. Around two in the morning, I went to the living room and opened the window to look at the April moon staring at me from between the stars. I could hardly believe my senses. A scent both heavy and fresh rushed at me, lilacs and rain. The night air had been washed clean and perfumed with the scent of lilacs. It intoxicated me and made me giddy. I stood there smiling for more than a quarter of an hour staring at the sky and letting the lilac and rain scented night wrap itself around me like a freshly washed, lovingly scented and crisply ironed linen sheath. If I could bottle that scent I would and I would name it Lilacs in The Rain.


Here the beautiful song LILACS IN THE RAIN which decribes the mood perfectly. Now if I could only send you the scent…


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