by Yolanda Reischer Bohanec


Do you ever wake up in a daze?

Floating like a bubble

Fractured like light pouring through a stained glass window.

Flying high above the clouds searching for solid ground.

Lost in the meandering grooves of life not knowing where to dock.





Sometimes, I wish I could catch a ride on a ray of light

and dissipate into its radiance,

being everywhere and nowhere all at once.


Sometimes, it all seems so absurd

and I find myself standing on Spanish tiles,

in a church,

on an Island,

in the middle of the Mediterranean sea

staring at broken light

spilling across the face of a rooster.

Wondering, why?

Why a rooster?




I rack my brain.

Google away.

Search for answers to my questions in vain.

And then I catch myself falling,

lost in the details,

as the world spins away on its axis

and time dashes past me.

I stop.

Breath in.

Breath out.

And force myself back into the moment.

And that’s when I find the answer

filed away somewhere in the cobwebs of my mind.


Why not a rooster?

After all, isn’t this all just about how we interact and change each other,

hopefully for the better?

Aren’t we just like light itself

but solid?

Don’t we color each other with our very being

like the interplay of light and colors?




Staring at the rosette in the church

I hear Percy Bisshe Shelley whispering into my ear:


“Life, like a dome of many colored glass,

stains the pure white radiance of eternity.”


That’s when I remember

that we are all artists,

meant to color eternity

with our unique essence


and that the only way to live

is to live and to give of who we are.

I find myself moving from dazed to amazed

and I reach for my paint brush

and a pot of color called




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