Feminine Beauty

My view on Beauty.

In honor of Mother’s day, I thought I’d give you my personal take on Beauty.

BEAUTY is a very strong feminine power which when lived to its fullest and used correctly can be uplifting, contagious, soothing and nothing short … of healing.

Just as EVERY object and EVERY situation holds a unique element of beauty so to does EVERY woman have her own extremely special, unique and irreplaceable beauty.

I believe that beauty is a unique gift. And like all gifts, beauty is meant to be apreciated and cultivated. Just like a musician cultivates his gift to create melody, so should we cultivate the unique  beauty which has been bestowed upon each and every one of us. In doing so we increase the total sum of beauty in the world for the greater good.

Photo 10-06-17 18 52 38

ALL women ARE beautiful, not just some. Woman need to help each other recognize, internalize and celebrate each other’s beauty. We neeed to move away from competing with each other. Instead we need to become comfortable  with uplifting and celebrating one another. We need to open each others eyes to the inate beauty that we hold within us and encourage each other to let that beauty shine brightly Upon the world. We need to understand that just like in a garden, the Lily does not compete with the Lilac, nor the Rose with the Jasmine.  Instead, they blend into a beautiful boquet and create a scent which perfumes the air while allowing each flower to distinctly maintain its own entity and the more beautiful for being in harmony with each other.


Why? Because the essence of each flower can not be overshadowed by the other. It can only be complemented for they are all flowers. They are all memebers of the same family,  all the same and yet unique. Even in a garden filled with roses, each rose is unique. Pansies sit in pots on my balcony, each a different color, a cacophoy of joyful mirth. They make me smile when I see them. And it is precisely this beautiful blend of yellow and pink, purple and white which intensifies their inate beauty.

The world would be deprived of so much beauty if just one flower chose to no longer live it’s own beauty but rather imitate that of another. Why on earth would a Daisy want to be an Iris or a Poppy a Peony? Could you imagine never seeing the beauty of Wisteria or Heather again? I couldn’t. It would sadden me beyond words. I love all flowers  and rejoice when  they return each year in full blossom to perfume the air and delight my senses.

Photo 29-05-16 17 25 58

Just like a mother who truly loves her child, and is at ease in the fullness of her own beauty will never feel jealousy or competitivness towards her own offspring, so should we as a collective of women not feel the need or the impulse to outshine one another. How much more beautiful is a garden when it is filled with a wide array of flowers each blooming in their own time and in full splendour of each other.

Photo 02-07-16 23 47 04

I invite you to cultivate your own and each others beauty, to compliment one another, to encourage each other. Because true beauty which radiates from within is a very strong element which is meant to intensify the beauty of the world as a whole and lift the spirits of all who are touched by it.

Because in truth, I believe BEAUTY is the manifistation of LOVE in motion..

Photo 27-05-17 22 39 58

Wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day. Remembering all women who have contributed to raising the next generation by mothering their own children and those of others and have instilled in them the love of beauty.

Photo by my father August Bohanec




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