When Stars Collide

He was from the East, from the fiery world of the rising sun, where all activity is birthed. He entered this world on the wave of the expansive feminine energy of the Red Dragon, on the day of the lascivious Red Serpent.


She was from the West, from the watery world of the subconscious, where the sun goes to rest and all things take their end. She was born into the transformative energy of the blossoming wave of the Yellow Seed, on the light-hearted, playful yet undeniably dynamic day of the Blue Electric Monkey.

He was life itself, energy in its purest most unrestrained, all embracing form. He was rough and sensual in his demeanor, raw and suggestive in his words, vibrating stimulating, impulsive, almost arrogant and unabashedly full of vigor.


She was the doorway to the power of the creative energy of the Psyche, enticing and elusive, dark and exotic in appearance, with a liltingly mysterious voice which spoke of magically beguiling rituals, which puzzled, perplexed and fascinated him beyond reason.

He lived for all that meant pleasure. He blatantly displayed his love of the carnal in the light of day under open skies, feeling no need to relinquish it to the cover of night or the confinement of the bedroom. He was the born leader, charismatic and mesmerizing.

She lived in the world of symbols and imagery, of ancient spiritual knowledge. She wove magic through her mere presence, the radiance of her smile and the electrifying resonance of her laughter. She was the healer invigorating and pulsating with the very light energy of the stars.


He was her catalyst and empowered her and gave birth to her passions. She was his medicine, destined to harmonize, transform and uplift his rampant fire.

They were direct polarities but both shared, an unmistakeable pride of who they were, which ranged from self-love to elitism and sometimes bordered on haughty insolence. They amplified each other’s gifts and shed excruciatingly revealing light on each other’s faults. They attracted and repelled each other all at once. She bewitched and frightened him. He seduced and maddened her. But it was useless to resist. They had been inseparably moulded, and intertwined into each other’s very essence since and perhaps even before time. They were meant to embody the solar heart and mind, birthed together as one in the realm of the spiraling vortex of cosmic consciousness in the place of ‘no time’ and limitless light.

They met, yet again, on a cold, windy, moonless night near the end of June in the last hour of the day of the transformative magic. It was a day so powerful that it held the force within it to alter even the state of the celestial stars, which is exactly what they were, stars descended.

The wind had caught them off guard. Each of them had been focused on savoring life, unaware of each other’s presence. They sat one table apart, separated by a mere two meters and yet neither of them had suspected that their worlds were about to collide. The wind seeing his chance in their laxness encircled them, drawing them together. It lifted them up into the clouds fanning the fires of creative passion which had united them over millenniums.



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