Yolanda Reischer-Bohanec

The fires of time burn
Water gushes forth, everywhere I turn
Falling from the heavens soothing to the touch
Rivers of emotions flowing over in my heart
Raindrops, clean, cold and wet fall from the sky
Mirroring the tears shed from my eyes

I wake and weep
I quake and quiver
I thirst and drink

Clear, fragrant water
Steeped from the petals
Of one thousand roses
It permeates my being
Whispers to my soul
And slowly discloses
A memory
Of me

Parted in two across time
But birthed as one into eternity
It heals me

The strings of a harp sing to me
A painful but joyful melody
That sets me free

My heartstrings resonate
And swing knowingly
To a tune written by me
Long before time
Near the begin of eternity


Now, remembering the eternal treasure
I surrender and stand steadfast in my centre
Radiating, fearless in my own time and measure
I walk forward into my second life and enter



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