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Meet Yolanda Reischer Bohanec

Hi, I’m Yolanda, thank you for stopping by.  It’s a pleasure to meet you!


I am a native English speaking cosmopolitan, with a global mindset and an international soul. My passport says I am American and my heritage says I am half Mexican and half Slovene. I was born in Mexico, raised and schooled in California, and have spent a great deal of my life in Europe.

Me in a nutshell: Ordered in Pasadena, California. Delivered in Guadalajara Mexico. Living in Vienna, Austria. I’m half Slovene & half Mexican. Hold a US passport, a Mexican birth certificate, Austrian residency and an unquenchable thirst for life.

I am a  people person, passionate about interacting with others to discovert their reason for being, their “raison d’etre“. Meeting new people is like discovering new worlds. There is a very specific process at work which allows me to gaze within an individual. Their experiences show me how they have been molded as a person. The language or languages they speak show me how they filter their thoughts. In turn the encounter provides me with a new view on life.

I love photography and its ability to capture an instant, convey momentary emotions or tell a story.  I love painting for it’s ability to convey the more complex and personal story behind a moment.  I am fascinated by the use of storytelling  in its most traditional form, as well as in teaching, training and coaching but also how it is being implemented into the area of Marketing & Sales, but what intrigues me most about storytelling is the incomparable power it has to create bridges between individuals across borders, mindsets and time.

I am obsessed by the different ways in which we communicate and the tools we use to facilitate communication in general.

I thrive when I am interacting with others or exploring new cultures. I strive to create a life filled with beauty, grace and serendipity.

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My credo: Your roots provide a base. Your dreams provide direction. Living in the moment reveals who you truly are.

About Living Between Worlds and On The Edge of Time


My  blog revolves around the adventures that I have been allowed to experience and most especially the people I have met along the way. It deals with the everyday moments that touch my heart. It chronicles the memories that time has created and the stories that have unfolded along the path of my life. I write to make sense of the thoughts and words meandering through my mind, and to interpret the emotions spilling from my heart to prevent it from bursting. This is my self-indulgent platform, a place for me to connect with other like-minded individuals, a vehicle to enable me to touch people’s hearts near and far by sharing my unique journey.

Writing is extremely revealing. It allows you to look into another person’s soul and leaves you bare beyond your sun bleached bones.  I might go as far as to say  that undressing in front of others seems far less intimidating than exposing myself through my writing. It, writing, is an act that frightens and seduces me  all at once. It can be likened to being in the throws of first love, it is a passion and a dilemma of the heart.  How much should I reveal? Dare I strip myself before the all consuming public eye? Undress for all to see through me, to the essence of me, and beyond?

Quite honestly, it frightens me to place my writing on display, be it here on this site or anywhere else. Doing public or private readings nearly makes my heart stop. And yet, I know that words are meant to be shared, not hidden away, kept under lock and key. They are meant to serve as wings for thoughts, to set emotions into flight,  to allow ideas to take form, to help one move into action, and to serve as bridges of communication between souls.

With this in mind, I invite you to enter into the world of my thoughts and emotions through my writing. You are welcome to read my latest post here.

About My Work Experience

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Current Adventure: Road Safety Education

  • Program Development and Trainer’s Trainer for Road Safety
  • Current Project: Developing the first Lady Driving Instructors in Saudia Arabia
  • Excellent empathetic ability and strong people Skils, Can communicate across culture and language to reach the people’s hearts and as a result their minds to create lasting change.-

My Credo: People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.

  • Strong organizational skills across cultures and language –  ability to motivate people and as a result create an optimal and efficient working environment
  • Teambuilder – ability to identify peopl’s strengths and pool people together to create a team that covers all the bases and can achieve greater results in a shorter period of time

15+ years experience in the Beauty Industry 

20+ years experience in English Language Education & Communication

  • Business English Communication Specialist
  • Marketing & Social Media Development
  • Customer Care & Business Development currently with bildungsraum
  • Early Childhood Language Development Specialist currently with Der Pauker


ASFINAG, Bank Austria, Benefit, Brainworks, ERBER Biomin, Gabriele-Chemie , Greentube, HYPOE NOE, Kapsch, Le Saffre,  Logwin, Mayer Melnhoff, Miele, MTH Retail, Oracle, Quehenberger, Raiffeisenbank, Siemens Board, Siemens Controlling, Siemens IT, Siemens Healthineers, Siemens Mobility, Uniqua, Unify, UPC, VIG, Zurich Cosmos


Developing English Language programs which are effective, entertaining, engaging and dynamic is an incredibly rewarding challenge. It involves actively incorporating the wishes and desires of clients and trainers as well as the needs and requirements of learners

Small Talk Meister, Small Talk Artist, Der Pauker, Bildungsraum, Stories in Motion, English for Children, English Language day Camp


My trainings have covered

Early Childhood Language Acquisition, Storytelling, Whole Brain Teaching, Lesson Structure, Pre-Writing and Writing techniques, Songs and Games, Audial-Visual-and Kinesthetic Teaching, Classroom Management and Discipline

I have held workshops and trainings in the following countries.

Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Slowakia, USA, Saudi Arabia


Picture credit N21 Europe

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation one on one, from stage in meetings, worksops, seminars and Events.

Translation: websites, dokuments, books

Read more about Yolanda here.


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