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The Art of Weaving Story in Communication & Marketing

Yolanda RB Kommunikations- und Marketingspezialistin

About me

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist with a passion for storytelling & SEO optimized content, backed by 25+ years of international experience, based in Vienna.

How others see me

Creative Multicultural & Polyglot

Broad Range of Skills

Yolanda is a creative individual with in depth analytical, organizational, presentation, and problem-solving skills who can think outside the box, learn and adapt quickly, and maintain a positive outlook on life..

Open & Enthusiastic

Her multicultural background, strong language skills and international experience have given her the empathy and ability to better communicate and interact with people from all walks of life, cultures, and ages.

Professional with International Experience

Communication & Marketing Professional

As a communication & marketing professional, she has enjoyed the luxury of pursuing a varied and global career path.

Digital Marketing Manager

Her work as a digital marketing manager, social media & content specialist, translator & interpreter, business owner, educator, storyteller, writer, & poet has taken her from the U.S.A. to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Collaborative Leader

She has enjoyed working with and leading several diverse teams. Yolanda feels most at home in an open, supportive, multicultural environment.

And a Wide Range of Interests & Skills

Multifaceted Individual

Yolanda enjoys a wide range of interests that further her creativity. These include swimming in lakes, cooking & visiting local eateries with friends, capturing images with light, painting on paper & walls, and writing & recounting children’s stories.

Lifelong Learner

But above all, she never tires of exploring the omnipresent imperial heritage left behind by the Austro-Hungarian Empire in and around Vienna and further afield.

What I do

About my work

From understanding your requirements, to designing a strategy and delivering the final product, I do everything that falls in between these lines.

Let me know what your objectives are, and I’ll let you know how I can help.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Specialist

Social Media Marketing

I specialize in

  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Copywriting & Story
  • Website Management & SEO
  • Translation & Transcreation
  • Marketing strategy creation and implementation

I have extensive international experience in online marketing, e-commerce, project management, education, and leading multicultural teams.

Flexibility is Key

My ability to learn and adapt quickly has enabled me to work in a wide range of industries: fashion retail & wholesale, metal industry, beauty & wellness industry, photography, early childhood & adult education, road & traffic education, veterinarian & pet, art & antiques, and promotion.

Purposeful Communication through Storytelling

Storytelling is the best marketing

Let’s Talk Story

I have been “talking story” since I was a child. We all have. It’s in our genes. It is the common factor that binds us through space and time. Which is why it is essential to seamlessly weave the power of story into all communication & marketing channels to create a smooth and impactful message.

E for Emotion

Decisions are not based solely on reason & logic, and numbers are not memorable. Let customers see themselves as characters in your story, so they can embrace your product or service and experience the transformation you offer.

This Time with Feeling

When I work, I need to instinctively feel the narrative. No matter if I am creating content, developing a marketing strategy, or looking to improve SEO, I am always on the lookout for the story lurking in the shadows waiting to shine.

„Marketing is the art of telling a story that moves people to act.“
—Bernadette Jiwa, Author, Marketing Guru

How I can help you

About my services


We’ll evaluate your current strategy, then help devise short- and long-term goals, and implement campaigns that promote customer brand engagement.


Let’s have a little fun developing a strategy to supercharge your buyer’s journey.


I’ll help you make your content delivery shine by engaging your audience beyond facts!

Marketing & Kommunikation Dienstleistungen

360 Digital Marketing Strategy development

Want to cut through the noise to better position your brand?

I’ll develop a personalized, digital marketing strategy using owned, paid & user-generated content:

WordPress Website
Content Management
E-mail & Newsletter
Social Media Management
SEO/SEA Optimization
Podcast & Blog Creation

Content Creation & Management

Want to increase brand visibility, credibility, and authority?

To stay ahead of your competitors and reach users in all buying stages, I’ll create SEO-optimized content that adds value and stands out, even in niches with a strong content marketing presence.

This includes blog posts, product descriptions, video scripts, speeches, brochures, manuals, course material, and more.

WordPress Web Development​ & Management

Are you looking for a personalized and responsive website that performs?

I can help you research, design, build, and operate a website that meets your specific needs.

Couple that with local SEO to help your target audience find you more easily.

E-MAIL/newsletter creation & MANAGEMENT

Want a cost-effective digital marketing strategy with one of the highest ROIs?
Email marketing is unequaled.
It’s an integral asset for all organizations.

I’ll help you harness the power of newsletter marketing to produce and support drives, decline stir rates, or lift rehash buys.

TRANSLATION & Transcreation from German to English

Want to ensure your communication channels remain transparent and open?

I provide effective translation & transcreation from German & Spanish to English.

I focus on creating empathy by conveying the original text’s style and tone to a foreign reader with an inherent perception of cultural context.

PROOFREADING & EDITING for all things English

Want to increase customer satisfaction & loyalty?

I deliver correct, coherent, captivating content which allows customers to make informed decisions and purchases which meet their expectations.

I achieve this by catching typographical & grammatical, errors, ensuring brand consistency, double-checking for accuracy.

Consultant for Intercultural & interpersonal Communication

Want to further team collaboration & communication?

I can facilitate constructive dialogue to reduce miscommunication.

Help teams strategize and prepare for international projects.

Introduce organizational changes from inclusive onboarding practices to hiring international managers.

Consultant for Continued Adult Blended Learning

Want to make learning collaborative and personalized?

I can adapt existing programs for online learning.

I provide instructional design, analysis and pedagogical consultancy for the e-learning course.

Likewise, I can develop e-learning programs through: Structure of Content
Multimedia Elements
Video and Audio editing
Graphic Design

Consultant for Early childhood Language Education

Want to ensure young learners stay motivated and engaged?

I deal with both the ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ aspects of a holistic educational language program.

I develop:
New Curriculum Content Schedules or Changes to fill gaps
Modernize or Adapt to Classroom Needs.

I provide:
Training or Coaching for Educators, Caregivers, and Parent

My Skills

I’m a firm believer that you should never stop learning. I work hard to stay on top of new platforms, hot trends and platform updates that make it easier for businesses to track engagement, reach, ROI and KPI metrics.
Everything is story, and story is everything.
Social Media Marketing
LinkedIn, Meta-fb/instagram, twitter, pinterest, tailwind, plann, hootsuite, google analytics
E-Mail & Newsletter Marketing​
Mailchimp, mailpoet, sendinblue,​ substack
Blogs, articles, courses, scripts, copy, social media, lead magnets, lead pages
Translation & Transcreation​
German & Spanish to English
Interpersonal Skills
Emotional intelligence, collaboration, conflict resolution, flexibility
Language Skills
English -Native, German-C2, Spanish-B2, French-B1, Slovene-B1, Italian-B1
Online Tools
Grammarly, Canva, Photopea, Surfer SEO, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google-console​

„There is no more B2B or B2C. It’s H2H: Human to Human.“- Bryan Kramer

My Portfolio

Social Media

Pet H – Telemedicine Platform for the Veterinary Industry
Social Media Marketing
Conceived, planned and tracked campaign. Designed & created graphics and copy
VET7.well – SAAS Practice Software for the Veterinary Industry
Social Media Marketing
Conceived, planned and tracked campaign. Designed & created graphics and copy
Yolanda RB – Personal Account to connect with like-minded individuals
Social Media Marketing
Conceived, planned and tracked campaign. Designed & created graphics and copy.


Pet H – Telemedicine Platform for the Veterinary Industry
WordPress Website Marketing & Kommunikation

Created copy for the website in English and German. Collaborated on website, design, logo, and branding..


VET7.well – SAAS Practice Software for the Veterinary Industry
WordPress Website Marketing & Kommunikation

Redesigned website on WordPress to improve user experience. Improved SEO to increase google ranking.


Understanding Vienna – Passion Project to further understanding of Vienna​
WordPress Website Marketing & Kommunikation

Designed, developed, and manage website on WordPress. Create copy for site, blog, and podcast in English and German.



E-Mail & Newsletter Marketing & Kommunikation
Download PDF of e-mail
E-Mail & Newsletter Marketing & Kommunikation
Download PDF of e-mail
E-Mail & Newsletter Marketing & Kommunikation
Download PDF of e-mail
E-Mail & Newsletter Marketing & Kommunikation
Download PDF of newsletter
Magazin Marketing & Kommunikation
Download PDF of magazine
Landing Page Marketing
Example of landing page
Lead Magnet Marketing & Kommunikation
Download PDF of e-book
Lead Magnet Marketing & Kommunikation
Download overview of intercultural course
Lead Magnet Marketing & Kommunikation
Download excerpt of business language course

Translation & Proofreading

Übersetzung Besser fix als fertig

Brain Traps, an E-Book

While assisting Bernd Hufnagel in polishing his English presentation skills, he asked me to translate his book “Besser fix als fertig” from German into English.

Übersetzung Brain Traps
Download sample of e-book here
Content Marketing

Driving Instructor Handbook

I co-authored, proofread, and edited technical handbooks for a Train the Trainer Female Driving Instructor Project in Saudi Arabia.

Content Marketing
Download Sample of Technical Handbook for Driver Instructors
Content Marketing

Something in the Water, Song Crystals

Song Crystals is a book about making music visible. I translated the book from German into English and proofread it.

Content Marketing
Download excerpt of English translation
Content Marketing
Download excerpt of original introduction in German
Kinderbuch Marketing

Friends Children’s Book ​

I translated, edited and proofread the book from German to English. I also proofread and edited the subtitles for the promotional video

Original video
Play Video about Friends cover of childrens book
Corrected video
Play Video about Friends cover of childrens book


All images © Yolanda Reischer-Bohanec


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